Your benefits




Within our company we can make quick decisions based on customer needs when they arise. You can focus on your core competence and do not have to deal with stress, time and language differences-that’s our job!




The demand for cost reduction accompanies us in our daily work and life. It is as old as the industry itself. Through our extensive supplier network that astria has we provide our customers the opportunity to save on a broad basis and also make it easy for them to generate profit fast and efficiently.




Our customers benefit from our many years of international business experience, especially from our experience with the Asian business market. An added benefit to our customers as well is our modern management method. One single contact opens for our customers a gateway to the world of global sourcing.




The astria supply chain management system provides safety for our customers. We guarantee the quality requirements of our customers are fully meet by maintaining and practicing on site quality assurance. This allows us to make sure European and American standards are met. astria charges no invoices without first delivering results. Our services are 100% performance related whereby an efficient and transparent and clear collaboration between our customers and ourselves is ensured.